The MB&B Master degree aims at providing students with advanced skills in molecular biotechnology, computational biology and bioinformatics, with a strong focus on the most advanced tools and approaches for the analysis of genomes, proteomes and metabolomes. The main goal of the MB&B Master degree is to equip students with a broad theoretical and practical background, necessary to tackle any biological/biotechnological problem.


      Degree classification – Denomination and code: LM-8 Industrial biotechnologies
      Degree title: Master Degree
      Course duration: 2 years
      Credits required for admission: 180
      Total number of credits required to complete programme: 120
      Access procedures: open, subject to entry requirements
      Course code: F1B

Programme description:

Available theses: Current thesis positions

Admission Requirements

Applications must be sent online according to the general University rules, following the instructions at the following URL:
Requirements for admission:
Students with an Italian University degree:
Entrance to the MB&B Master degree programme is granted to Bachelor degree (Laurea Triennale) graduates in Biotechnology (L-2 class and previous class 1) and students with a Bachelor degree with a strong background (at least 60 University credits) in biotechnology-related subjects, i.e. subjects identified as “core disciplines” for the L-2 class of the Bachelor Degree.
Students with a degree from a non-Italian institution:
Candidates must possess a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or University, and must have a strong background in some (or all) of the following areas: genetics, molecular biology, microbiology, cell biology, biochemistry or chemistry.
All students must have a good knowledge of spoken and written English: they must hold B1 level certification prior to enrolment. B2 level certification (vantage or upper intermediate, as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment) or, in alternative, an equivalent qualification obtained at the admission test offered by the University of Milan, is required to attend the exam sessions. Knowledge of Italian is not required for admittance.
Eligibility assessment.
Applicant CVs will be evaluated by an Admission Committee composed of the coordinator and at least two lecturers that belong to the Master degree. Applicants will receive communication of their eligibility and permission to enrol in the Master degree program. The Admission Committee may require an interview with the applicant in order to better assess their eligibility.

Head of Study Programme Prof. Paolo Landini

Tutors – Faculty
Profs. Federica Briani, David Horner, Martin Kater, Giulio Pavesi

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